About the Montgomery County Strategic Plan Dashboard

Montgomery County Mission

We create value by investing in people, the economy, and services for all to lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

Montgomery County Values

   We value creativity, new ideas, risk-taking, boldness, and the continuous improvement mindset.

   We value accountability and service, responsible and informed decision making.

   We value diversity of people, backgrounds, and ideas and promote equity so that all people have a sense of belonging.

   We value competence and integrity, civility, and respect in all interactions.

   We value relationships and collective action, sharing resources and knowledge.

Montgomery County Strategic Plan Background

• In 2019, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) created the Office of Strategic Initiatives to plan and support the implementation of Montgomery County’s strategic and long-range goals with a focus on catalyzing innovation, strengthening collaboration, and advancing results-based stewardship of resources.

• The Strategic Plan was developed in 2020 by sharing staff members’ ideas and visions, critically examining the County’s challenges and opportunities, and working together to identify strategic objectives. The corresponding strategies provide the roadmap to how Montgomery County will continue to strengthen our community and create more opportunities for our residents to thrive.

• On January 14, 2020, BCC formally approved the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan by Resolution 20-0055.

• The Montgomery County Strategic Plan is an on-going initiative; therefore, staff will continue to work with departments and leadership to track, analyze, and improve upon all of the strategic priorities in order to ensure that we accomplish our mission.

Montgomery County Metrics Purpose

The Montgomery County Metrics, also referred to as Strategies, help drive performance improvements and accountability throughout the organization by linking the key performance indicators to BCC Priorities. The Office of Strategic Initiatives met with County leadership to develop measures that will educate and provide both accountability and transparency to our residents on the performance of the County.

About the Status Indicators

Status indicators refer to the Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue squares located on the dashboard’s At a Glance, Priority, and Detail Pages. These indicators provide a basis for determining whether desired levels of performance are being achieved. For each key performance indicator, a status summarizes the comparison of recent performance against a set goal. If data is not yet available, the status reflects that situation.

• A  Green  Status Indicator means that the measure is proceeding as anticipated, or, performance is better than or equal to the target, with all data available.
• A  Yellow  Status Indicator means that results are below trend for the year and Staff is monitoring the progress of the measure. Measures with this type of result have the ability to meet their target. A target can no longer be yellow when all data is available, and the measure either has, or has not, met its target.
• A  Red  Status Indicator means that the measure needs improvement, and Staff is reviewing data in order to identify an action plan.
• A  Blue  Status indicator means that information is still being collected at this time or will be collected in the future.

Definition of Fiscal Year: A fiscal year is a period that many companies and government entities utilize for accounting purposes and preparing financial statements. The fiscal year for Montgomery County begins on January 1st and ends December 31st.

Definition of Quarter: A quarter is defined as a three-month period on the fiscal year calendar that acts as a basis for reporting. The four quarters that make up the fiscal year in Montgomery County are:
• Quarter One: January, February, and March
• Quarter Two: April, May, and June
• Quarter Three: July, August, and September
• Quarter Four: October, November, and December


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